Salami Attack

Salami Attack or Salami Technique (also known as Salami Slicing) refers to as fraudulent action by the alternation of systems either by modification or insertion of malicious program and the main purpose of this for financial gain. A salami attack is considered a minor attack that can be repeated much time, a simple example is referred to as stealing of the specific small amount of money from every customer’s bank account in a particular bank. It is very hard for such an attack to be noticed by customers and such attacks are reportedly mostly conducted by crime minded bank officials. This cybercrime usually goes undetected and unnoticed because of the nature and form of the crime, because only small amounts are deducted severally in a specific period of time.

This type of attack is used for committing financial crimes and it is common and occurs within financial or financial-related institutions. No account holder or customer will notice such criminal action as bank officials acquire a sizable amount of money every month.


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