Cyber Pornography

Cyber Pornography; Cyber Pornographic Offenses are limited to Child Pornography. Child Pornography is the exposure or lure of Childs into designing or making, viewing or concealing, uploading or downloading, sending or distributing of, photograph, video, or file that is obscene and/or unsuitable for the age of the child; usually under 13 years, through the internet services i.e. Sending through email, uploading on website or social media, concealed in a storage medium or device.

Parents are responsible for the protection of their children from danger in cyber pornography and some other dangerous things that us obscene for the age of their child. Children remain unprotected as long as the internet exists. Nowadays porn workers and nudist professionals are numerous and they are promoted by advertisement with the help of internet only. Website designers and digital marketers are their prime promoter. Their advertisement is a popup and ads on several websites which sometimes they are not easy to ignore. Most of their media and ad banner are not clean even can be harmful for a device.

How to Protect your child from cyber pornography and pornographic media by using Anti-Malware and Keywords restriction software in a web browser in mobile device and also available for PC. If such pornographic media repeatedly appear in the web browser, Adware cleaner can be used for cleaning them off.



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