DoS Attack

DOS attack doesn’t depend on a special program in order to run. Instead, attacker floods a Server’s IP address, Email or Website with hundreds or thousands of requests or repeated messages, often through the use of botnets or any DoS / DDoS Tool. A denial-of-service attack (DoS attack) or distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS attack means conducting attack from more than one computer, terminal or tool at the same time to a single target) is a type of cyber attack in which a attacker attempts to make a computer resource (server’s IP, Email, Website Etc) fail to respond to users or unavailable to users. Attacker overwhelms the victim’s server, send unbearable requests to the website or send repeated large numbers of mail to victim’s email address; known as Email Bomb, in order to make the email address useless and continuous action may eventually affect the email server as well.

DoS attack prevents intended users from viewing or making use of attacked services after or during the attack. DoS prevent server, website, email, etc. From responding to intended users or from functioning effectively, or at all, temporarily or unspecified period of time. DOS attack slows down or prevent from accessing a website. DoS attack sends repeated and continuous numbers of Spam Email; known as Email Bomb, in order to flood the email address useless or crash the email server.


                                          Types of DoS Attacks: Launching DoS Attack

  • Flood attack       
  • Ping of death attack  
  • SYN attack
  • Teardrop attack
  • Smurf attack
  • Buffer Overflow Attack



Be aware that an attack may use your computer to conduct DOS attack. If your computer is compromised using the weaknesses (you are now a secondary victim) then attacker use it as Zombie on Botnet (Bot Network) to cause damage as intended or use it to send repeated and continuous harmful request to a target (which is primary victim) or can also use it to send spam email.



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