Best iPhone Hacking Tools in 2020

As the iPhone technology advancement is improving and upgrading so as the cyber security developers and engineers are also improved to make their way. In early 2018, Israel-based cyber security developer company known as Cellebrite launched iPhone Hacking / Forensics Tool called Universal Forensic Extraction Device (UFED) while United State-based cyber security developer company known as Grayshift developed and launched iPhone Hacking / Forensics Tool called GrayKey after when Grayshift reportedly hired a former Apple security engineer.

Above iPhone Hacking Tools could unlock an iPhone using 4-digit passcode within a couple of hours, but takes longer if iPhone owner / suspect used 6-digit passcode.

In Feb 2018, Israel-based Cellebrite discovered a solution that helps government agencies around the world to unlock encrypted iPhone running iOS 11 and older version. Likewise Grayshift launched GrayKey tool and still being used till date by the FBI to bypass iPhones and being marketed to law enforcement and private forensics firms around the world.


                Other Best Hacking Tools for iOS Devices

1. iSpy

2. Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker

3. xSellize Game Hack

4. Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker

5. Myriam iOS Security App

Most of above mentioned iOS Device Hacking / Forensic Tools is available for private forensics firms,while some of these tools are only sold directly to government law enforcement around the world.


Olalekan Admin

Cyber Security Engineer