Google Maps Hacks: How To Create Fake Google Maps Traffic Using Multiple Smartphones

How To Create Fake Google Maps Traffic Using Multiple Smarthhones

Google Maps is an open source mapping application developed by Google. It helps user around the globe to navigate their location including street view. It also offers real-time traffic and street views that help users to plan their movement by foot, car, bicycle and air (in beta). Google Maps uses GPS and location data from user’s smartphones to determine if there is traffic congestion on a particular street then Google Maps App will now give users options to less congested streets to avoid the congested traffic.

How To Create Fake Google Maps Traffic Using Multiple Smartphones:

  • Google uses Google Maps to passive all Google Maps users to determine the condition of traffics and streets. If multiple Google Maps users turn on and using their Google Maps in a particular street or road, then the Google Maps appears red lines indicating that the street or road is congested. Congested streets in Google Maps redirect other Google Maps users to other streets.
  • To cause fake google traffics or create a fake google maps traffics, multiple Google Maps should be active on multiple smartphones. The best demonstration of Google Maps hacking was done by an Artist (Simon Weckert) from Berlin, Germany who had put multiple smartphones together with Google Maps turned on and walked by foot around Berlin streets along with smartphones. He had done this just to make the streets empty and navigating cars to another street to avoid being stuck in traffic.


In the above demonstration by Simon Weckert shows when he actually moves by foot just to cause the movement of the traffic slowly and seems hardly to resolve soon. If they he stops one place, then the traffics will see more complicated.

This possibility has made hackers and security experts to conduct more research into how making this possible using a piece or a couple of smartphones to carry out this Fake Google Maps Traffic hack.



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