Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime

Cybercrime is any unlawful and criminal activities whereby a computer system is a target or using of computer systems as a tool to conduct or used for supporting any crime and the offender may be liable to punishment and charged to the court where his or her punishment decided and announced by the judge in the court of law. Cybercrime is also not limited to any financial dishonesty that takes place in a computer environment.

Lack of information security gives rise to cybercrime. Cybersecurity is very important for every organization. A nation is responsible for securing its intuitions’ and citizen’s data, public and private organizations should keep their systems and the customer’s data safely and every individual is responsible for keeping his or her own personal data safe and secured. Attacks on individuals, organizations, and National systems are now repeated and common criminal activities, the conduct of foreign individuals, and political organization.


The followings are common types of cybercrimes:


                                         Categories of Cyber Crime

Cybercrime can be categorized based on the target of the crime where the crime occurred as a single event or as a series of events. Cybercrime can be targeted against individuals, properties, or organizations like businesses, governments, and society.

  • Cybercrime targeted at Individuals: These crimes may include financial fraud, personal data stealing, sales of non-existent or stolen items, defamation, harassment, etc.
  • Cybercrime targeted at Properties: These crimes may include stealing digital devices such as laptops or personal computers, cell phones, etc. Stealing storage media, i.e.: Hard Disk Drive, CD/DVD, removable drive, etc. Sending of harmful programs that can disrupt the functions of systems and/or delete or modify data from storage.
  • Cybercrime targeted at Organizations: Crime like Cyber defamation, Cyber terrorism or Cyberwarfare Cyber Espionage, and many more like hacking are distinct crimes against organizations/governments. Attackers repeatedly use computer tools and the internet to terrorize the citizens of a particular country by stealing private information and also to damage the programs and files or plant programs to get control of the network and/or system of private organizations/government institutes.



Lack of prevention against cyber crime and lack of cyber security gives rise to cyber crime. Cyber security awareness or implementation is very important for every individual or organization because the advancement of technology gives more ways and ideas to cyber criminals. Cyber security is the practice of protecting oneself, protection of computers and communication systems, and as well as information stored therein from any potential fraudulent and common attacks on computer systems. Financial loss in an organization may due to insider crime, every organization must also be mindful of an Insider Attack usually conducted by criminal-minded employees.


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