Cyber Security

Cyber Security is not only about IDS, Firewall, Encryption, or Auditing require for securing an organization’s network but is it also all about controlling, reducing and managing risk and protecting an organization’s information. The advancement in Information Technology brought more risk to it as every services and tasks are computerized and almost everyone in the world could not satisfy their daily life’s activities without the use of internet and digital device. Understanding and slight Cyber security is very important for all professionals; from top management to lowest level employee existing in an organization. Lack of information security and it’s awareness to all gives rise to Cyber Crime.

Cyber security is the protection of information, computer resources and device and information stored therein form authorized access, use, disclosure or modification. Cyber Attacks that include Outsider Attacks may cause huge loss to the organization’s information that is not secured while financial losses may happened due to Insider Crimes. Organization is to implement protection that defend against both the outsider and insider threat. In Network security, there are many products available for reducing the security risk in an organization’s network. Businesses throughout the world are using a combination of some the following Network Security Tools:



Cyber Security is not limited to protection oneself and owned device from threats as Cyber Attacks on Individual are also rising day by day. Some cyber attacker may target individual with intention of stealing personal information, destroy data, harassment, threatening, or damage reputation. Education for awareness on Common Cyber Attacks is very important for both organization and individual. Organization and business owner must know to How to protect network from both outsider and insider attacks while individual must know how to Protect Personal Information and protecting him or her self from Internet threats and Common Cyber Crimes.


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