Forgery is a criminal act that happens when a criminal/offender falsifies documents with the intention of deceiving others. Forgery action is considered a cyber crime because most forgeries are done using sophisticated computers, printers and scanners. Coping or imitation of documents, printing of counterfeit currency/banknote, imitation of signature and work of art are all forgeries.

Forgery act includes, but is not limited to: Printing of counterfeit, illegal copying or imitation of Contract Agreement, Medical Prescription, Bank check and Bank statement, Government or Corporate issued Identify.

In order to identify or examine a signature, a comparison of handwriting and questioned signature should take place, it is likely to identify the origin of signature by comparing with the handwriting of the author. Any other original/photocopy document signed by the same author can also used for proper examination. Same method of examination can also conduct in the same way on any other questioned document.



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