Hacking in Cyber Crime

Hacking is the act conducted toward breaking or any attempt to break into computer systems. Cracking is a bit different from hacking but in some occasion hackers use cracking techniques to support and accomplish their work. Cracker focus on breaking authentication security for software and systems while hacker can write, use or modify program to attack any level of computer and/or network.

There are 3 types of hackers; they are classified depending on their regular tendency and intention. Some hackers are not harmful but most non-professional hackers are harmful and fraudulent because they hack for financial gains, i.e: hacking of individual,  commercial or government websites and systems for payment, stealing of credit cards, hacking of bank account and transferring of money from various bank accounts to another.  As hackers are well known for attacking systems so as crackers are known for bypassing software and application authentication, while those who target and conduct attacks toward or through telecommunication systems are called Phreakers.


Who is hacker, and difference between hacker, developer and programmer

  • A Hacker is any skilled computer programmer who can make, modify and use program to attack computers or discover security vulnerabilities and these vulnerabilities are user for breaking into computer systems. Hacker is intelligent, creative and open-minded person who enjoys problem solving, learning and sharing. A hacker and developer is programmer while hacker are more creative and skillful than many programmers and developers but A programmer and hacker is not educated to be considered developer.
  • A Developer is  a formally trained programmer who can solve problems and makes program in accordance with a set of design and implementation principles that may include performance, maintainability and security.
  • A programmer is a person who can solve problems by manipulating code. programmers have a wide range of skills and know various and several programming languages. In computer security, a hacker means multiple things namely Penetration Tester and Security Engineer. A Penetration Tester is a programmer who by authority scans computers to discover security weaknesses and tries to deafest their security control. A Security engineer understands more, he is a developer who understands systems, cyber crimes and can make security tools.


                                              Types of hackers

In cyber security, we have three types of hackers with different colors of hat (mind and their intention) namely: Black hat, White hat and Grey hat hacker. As the implied, black hat hackers are on black-side of hacking, there hackers are criminal hackers that have malicious intention while on computers; they are also known as crackers. When black hacker creaks into a computer systems, his or her intention is to steal or damage data, they are also called financially motivated or criminal hackers.

White hat hackers are professionally trained and good minded hackers known as Ethical Hacker. Ethical hacker is hacker who hacks with authority and this hacker is IT security professional who knows all types of cyber attacks and practically to know how defend against all types of cyber attacks.

Gray hat hacker has a place between white hat hacker and black hat hacker because this hacker has both minds in hacking. Most of these hackers are hackers developing from back-side of hack to white-side of hacking or vice versa. Gray hacker hacker explores for financial gain or for free to the public or specific person or groups of persons and he does not have any concern of how the exploits released are used.


Areas of hacking:

  • Email Hacking
  • OS Hacking
  • Web Hacking
  • Database Hacking
  • Mobile Hacking
  • Software Hacking
  • Wireless Hacking
  • Network Hacking



In popular culture, hackers are popularly known as computer criminal and they are also called attacker in other way round. Cyber security studies and exposure to information technology has differentiate and make it clear that the types of hackers are known according to their personalty, behavior and intention on computer systems. Hacker, cracker or phreaker they are all commonly called hacker because all hackers are equipped with cracking and phreaking skills, a cracker will remain cracker while a phreaker will remain phreaker but both can develop gradually for  becoming and learning how to become hacker because hacking required more skill that include network and programming skills.



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