Cyber Espionage

Cyber Espionage is also known as cyber spying can also be termed as Industrial Spying or Industrial Espionage. Spying is not limited to governments, governments spy on their enemies while public and private organizations spy on their competitors. Traditionally, Cyber Espionage is a practice of spying or using spy personnel to gather information about strategies, plans or activities of a foreign state or an organization’s competitiveness. However, cyber spies are highly skilled hackers who are hired by governments or companies and these hackers are highly paid depending on the assignment given to them. Reportedly, almost all hackers used Malware like Trojan and Spyware including Spear Phishing method to carry out spy attack on government or organization’s system, they also use Advance Persistent Threats (APTs) to enter attacked systems all the time and remain undetected till when they are through with their jobs.

According to United Kingdom’s organization, namely UK Government Code and Cipher School (GCCS), this organization estimates and declared that there are more than 35 countries that are having highly skilled and well funded cyber espionage team of professionals.

Their countries with high and concentrated cyber espionage teams are as follows:

North Korea:  North Korea has more than 6,000 hackers in their military force supported 5 other Asian countries for conducting attacks on America and other countries.

China: China has world popular hacker’s groups known as Leviathan or Periscope comprising of thousands professionals currently targeting American marine force linked to South China sea and some routes.

Vietnam: In Vietnam there is well funded cyber espionage called Ocean Lotus, their focus is on foreign corporations with the interests in Vietnam’s industries.



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