Eavesdropping Attack

Eavesdropping Attack occurred when an attacker tries to steal information that computers, smartphones, or other devices transmit over a network. An eavesdropping attack which can also termed as sniffing attack is simply the act of listening to other people’s talk, can be done using current technology such as hidden microphones and recorders. VoIP calls made using IP-based communication can be intercepted and recorded using protocol analyzers and captured data are later converted to audio files. Data communication over wired or wireless network can also be eavesdropped using network packet analyzers or network sniffers, cyber criminal installs a network sniffer or other network monitoring software either on the PC or on a server for monitoring and capturing data during transmission.

There are two types of eavesdropping attacks in both wired and wireless networks, namely Passive Eavesdropping and Active Eavesdropping. Passive Eavesdropping usually occurs over a wireless network whereby the monitoring tool detects the information by listening to the message in transmission. Active Eavesdropping occurs when monitoring tool actively captures the data that is being transmitted over a wired or wireless network.



Eavesdropping is not limited to spying by capturing or recording information that computers, smartphones, or other devices transmit over a network using packet sniffing tool, person to person communication by listening to other people’s talk without their knowledge, this criminal act can be done using tool such as hidden microphones and spy recorders.



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